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22Bet Casino is proud of the assortment of betting products they provide within their casino, and the live casino is just one of the many opportunities they deliver.  When it comes to real casino gaming, few others can beat the excitement from playing in the live casino at 22Bet. The experience is as close to being in Macau thanks to the addition of live dealers, high-definition video streaming. Moreover, with the opportunity to join other players while playing your favourite game, it is as good as it gets, and in that respect, 22Bet delivers and then some.

Considering 22Bet Malaysia having such a solid understanding of what its players want, they have partnered with Evolution Gaming to ensure the quality is as life-like as possible. Naturally, that quality is extended towards the variety of live games they offer, and of course, the professionalism of the dealers.

As we delve further into what you can expect when you play at the 22Bet  live casino, we at 88betmalay.net will include information on choosing the best live casino and discussing several of the most popular live casino games. Of course, none of this is possible without an explanation about how to start playing, what you need to know about live casino games, and of course, just in case, a list of frequently asked live casino questions.

22Bet – The Best Live Casino

Before selecting 22Bet for registration, ask yourself if other brands can better support your wagering needs. The reality is, the 22Bet live casino delivers superior betting opportunities, as does its compatibility with mobile devices, its rapid payment processing, all in a licensed betting environment that is powered by reputable software and supported by professional support.

  • Live Games: variety, do they offer the games you like to play? Mention the most popular games

Today’s online live casino comes equipped with a substantial variety of live dealer games. As interests vary, the type of games players find includes everything from blackjack to Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker,  and TV show styled games. Some of the most popular of those include blackjack, roulette, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger and Baccarat.

  • Compatible with Mobile devices is your device supported

Considering that few Malaysians today own a mobile smartphone, it only makes sense for 22Bet to ensure its live casino is compatible with android and iOS products. This creates a versatile selection of compatible devices that can be accessed via a mobile app, or if preferred, a popular mobile browser such as Safari or Chrome.

  • Bonuses and Promotions:

Live Casinos, similar to regular online casinos, often deliver a variety of unique and exciting bonuses and promotions. As promotions vary in the live casino, they can range from deposit themed bonuses to rebate bonuses, and at times, exclusive bonuses for specific live dealer games.

  • Dealers: professionalism and service

In the same fashion, dealers in a land-based casino are professional, so too are those who deal live casino games. All dealers are first and foremost, professionally trained on how to deal, and second, are trained to deliver the best possible service. That includes delivering friendly interaction with players, and of course, greeting you with a smile.

  • License

As a licensed betting establishment, live casinos are bound to follow the rules of their license, but more importantly, are highly regulated to ensure game fairness and accuracy. This ensures that whenever placing a bet, you can be confident the results are genuine.

  • Responsible customer support

Responsible customer support is a key part of operating a successful casino. As such, the 22Bet Live casino employs professionally trained agents who are able to provide assistance at the click of a button. Along with live chat, email and telephone support are great options, as are social media platforms.

  • Reputable Software

Next to providing a stable platform, reputable software is a big game-changer, and in that regards, casinos like 22Bet Malaysia partner with the top leading software providers. This ensures they deliver the best possible live casino experience but also that game quality is never an issue.

  • Banking

Another defining factor to ponder when choosing the best live casino is its banking options. These are paramount to making the experience positive, and more, allowing you to deposit and withdraw without delay.

Live Casino Game Types

There are a variety of different live game types in a live casino, and that is no different when playing at 22Bet Malaysia. However, it is important to understand there is a slight difference between playing with a live casino online versus a land-based casino. The main difference naturally is the games are delivered from a live casino game studio and broadcast via high-definition streaming.

However, beyond this difference, playing the games are the same, and if you are familiar with the type of games found in a live casino, you will quickly be comfortable, and more importantly, able to begin making a profit.

Therefore, we felt it important to provide you with some insight into the type of live games you will come across. More importantly, we decided to give brief explanations of the most popular live games,

Popular Live Casino Games

As we mentioned, that while there is a great variety of live dealer games, there are games in a live casino that tend to be more popular than others. This is partly due to the availability of those games and the different variants that can be played. Of course, it also relates to each game being able to deliver higher profit potential, and of course, a superior gaming experience.

Below we’ve listed which games are most popular in a live casino, and to introduce you to each, we include a short description.

  • Live Roulette

Playing live roulette in a live casino is identical to playing a live casino in any other gaming entablement. The good news is the layout is the same, as are the various bets that can be placed. As such, if familiar with the game of roulette, you will be able to jump in right away and begin playing.

  • Live Blackjack

Like live roulette, there is no difference between playing blackjack in a live casino. The rules of the games are the same, as is the layout and amounts that can be won based on hand results. Theo only noticeable difference is your playing virtually, and therefore, the experience is more central versus one surrounded by lots of interruptions that come from the casino floor.

  • Live baccarat

Live baccarat is again one that delivers a life-like experience and one staffed by live dealers who are skilled in all facets of the game. Like any other casino game, the layouts for baccarat are the same, although they may differ slightly depending on the variant. Still, becoming familiar is a simple task that, once completed, will see you enjoying the high-paced energy this game delivers.

  • Live Poker

Playing poker in a live casino is a familiar experience that resembles that of playing poker in a land-based casino. The layout, betting rules and payouts are identical, as are the actions required to play, all of which are guided by the expert hand of a trained dealer.

How to Start Playing

Now that you are aware of the type of games a live casino offers and how to choose the best live casino, it is now time to start playing. The first step before you can begin is to open an account. This is simple enough, but to help explain what this involved, we have included a brief rundown below:

Step 1: Visit 22Bet and open an account by clicking “Registration”.

Step 2: Fill in all the information the registration form is asking you to provide. This will include your name, address, mobile number, and various other questions.

Step 3: Visit the cashier, select a deposit method and proceed to deposit into your account.

Step 4. Once your deposit is approved, click “live casino” and then select a live dealer game that interests you.

Step 5: After choosing your game, decide how much you want to wager, then sit back and enjoy.

When you do, you will find the table layouts are identical to those you see in a land-based casino, and naturally, you will notice that each game features a real dealer. Moreover, each game also provides you instructions on how to play, and in some cases, instructional video.

How do I Play Live Casino Games?

Playing live casino games is not at all complicated, and in fact, if you’ve played casino games in the past, you will already know exactly what you need to do. Essentially, the most important part is choosing that the amount to stake when playing. This is easily accomplished by clicking on the denomination of the chips each game features, then clicking the betting circle with the number of chips you wish to wager. Then, all that is needed is to wait for the dealer to begin and wait for the results.

Live Casino Tips and strategies

There are many tips are strategies available for a great number of live dealer card games. While many websites will offer tips, the most logical solution is to look at the proven strategies that work, such as the Martingale system or the Fibonacci Sequence. As they require you to learn the strategy, the best option is to study each strategy and apply it to the type of game you are interested in playing.

Sure, it would be easy for us to give you a bunch of tips and playing strategy, but ultimately, we at 88betmalay.net know that each player is different, and therefore, each will have a preferred betting strategy. Trust goes both ways, and therefore, steering you in the right direction is all that is needed.

All You Need to Know About Live Casino Games

When you’ve started playing at 22Bet Casino, there could be minor confusion regarding the layout of a particular game. For newcomers, pre-emptively being aware of what to expect can be a real time saver. As each game is different, the layout will differ slightly and therefore, it is important to become accustomed to the layout of any game you are playing.

Therefore, before jumping in, sit back and familiarize yourself with the game and its layout. Make sure you understand where the control functions are located, where betting chips are positioned, and where you place bets. Remember that after placing your bet, you will be able to watch the results as the game is played, and also, as many live casino games allow for multiple players at one table, you can see the results of other players as well.

As all outcomes are based on the rules of the game your playing, they will be presented and viewable for you to review. We advise you to become familiar with the payouts, and therefore you will be better positioned to enjoy your experience and understand the outcome of the game being played.

How live casino games work

When playing a live casino game, you are essentially visiting a real casino where all gameplay is streamed live to your laptop or desktop computer. To ensure you can see all actions carried out in the game, there are multiple cameras that display different angles, and more so, multiple microphones allow you to hear the dealer and communicate with them.

However, while multiple camera viewing capabilities are important, it is more important to understand how results are determined. Just like a land-based casino, live casinos operate without a random number generator. This means that results are generated by the cards a dealer deals with the actions you take while placing bets or making hand decisions.

22Bet Live Casino FAQ’s

Is it safe to play at a live casino?

Yes, SSL Encryption is formatted at 22Bet to provide the highest security level to players in 2021.

Why should I choose live Casino games?

Realism, there isn’t any other format of betting available to Malaysian’s that’s more realistic

Can I play live games on a mobile device?

Yes, 22Bet Mobile supports the live casino. However, it’ll drain the battery life of smartphones in two or three hours.

Can I chat with dealers and other players?

As mentioned beforehand, bettors can engage with other players & dealers through the 22Bet messaging service.

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