22Bet Payment Options

As an online casino, sports and all-around betting site, 22Bet Malaysia has compiled an impressive variety of banking types. These are provided to facilitate and allow their customers to deposit and similarly, withdraw funds when they have a positive balance.

Due to the nature of online banking, the options are designed to appeal to multiple payment preferences. They also are designed to cater to both online transactions as well as offline and mobile transactions. Resultant of their differences, the following payment types are available for 22bet deposit and 22bet withdrawals.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • E-Wallets
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Mobile
  • Offline payment
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Digital Wallet:

Banking options 

While we have introduced you to the different banking types you can fund your account with at 22Bet, it is important to understand what options you can avail. As the 22Bet payment options are substantial and offer multiple choices, it is important to understand each banking type. To provide you insight into these options and the different choices, we have included a brief explanation about each.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Prepaid Cards

Credit cards, prepaid and debit cards are popular methods for deposits and withdrawals at 22Bet Malaysia. In terms of credit card options, 22Bet casino includes internationally popular cards such as Visa, and MasterCard, several debit cards and the option to deposit via a prepaid card.

Visa: Internationally accepted, deposits using Visa are automatic and available immediately after approval of the deposit. While Visa transactions are using processed without any fees, your financial institution may charge a processing fee.

Visa Debit: Visa debit transactions are an easy way to fund your 22Bet Malaysia account. In order to transfer funds from your Visa Debit card, you will need to upload funds in advance of your deposit.

MasterCard: Mastercard is another internationally accepted credit card option at 22Bet. Similar to Visa, transactions are processed within 30 seconds and immediately available upon approval. Also, similar to Visa, your financial institution may charge a processing fee.

Mastercard Debit

Mastercard debit works in the same manner as a Visa debit card. To fund your account, you will need to add funds to your Mastercard debit in advance of processing a deposit to your 22Bet casino account.

American Express

American Express is another of the credit card options available to fund your 22bet account. Unlike Visa and Mastercard, American Express does not offer a debit card version. All transactions are processed within 30 seconds and instantly transferred to your 22Bet balance.


Maestro is a debit card that allows you to upload money to your card and use it to deposit and withdrawal from your 22Bet account. It functions in the same way as Visa and Mastercard debit, transactions are instant.


Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher that is available for purchase online or via retail outlets. When purchasing a Paysafecard, a processing fee will apply and will be based on the value of the Paysafe voucher you are purchasing. When depositing, you will be required to enter the voucher code and the amount you wish to deposit.


E-wallets have long been a preferred payment type at 22Bet due to their simplicity of use and added level of privacy and protection. To accommodate e-wallet preferences, eight options can be availed of at 22Bet Malaysia. This includes the following: 


PayPal is a popular e-wallet that allows you to upload funds to your PayPal account and carry out online transactions with online retailers and betting sites. There are no fees attached to depositing, but withdrawing to PayPal will incur a small transactional fee.


Neteller is another e-wallet that lets you instantly deposit online. Likewise, Neteller may be used to receive withdrawal payments.

Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill is identical to Neteller and allows instant transactions with online retailers and gambling sites such as 22Bet. Deposits and free of any fees, withdrawal transactions will incur a small processing fee.


EcoPayz operates like most wallets allowing rapid transferring of funds to and from 22Bet. Similar to other e-wallets, depositing is free of free, but uploading funds to your EcoPayz account will involve a small processing fee.


EcoCard works like a debit card and is tied directly into the balance you have available under your EcoPayz account. When making a transaction, you will be charged a fee for processing your payment.


PayNearMe is an electronic payment solution that lets you make instant transactions online or with offline retailers.


Citadel is a secure payment system that operates as an e-wallet. In order to deposit via Citadel at 22Bet Casino, you will need to open a Citadel account and upload funds by credit card or via a bank transfer payment.


PayForIt is an e-wallet payment solution that lets you add funds to your account and use those funds with online merchants such as 22Bet Malaysia.

Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers are a convenient way to add funds to your 22Bet account and manage spending. To upload funds via bank transfer, you will need to select it in the 22bet cashier and log in to your bank to approve the transaction. Once approved, the funds are immediately available.


Cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity for their convenience and added anonymity. Currently, 22Bet accommodates cryptocurrency deposits via Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Bitcoin is a fast and efficient way to upload funds to your 22Bet account. To do so, you will need your cryptocurrency address, the same applies to withdrawals. Transactions are near-instant and converted into your selected currency.


Ethereum is the same as Bitcoin and functions identically as well. Like Bitcoin, to transact via Ethereum, you will need to enter your Ethereum information.

Mobile payments

Mobile payment solutions are another popular method of payment for mobile players. While they can use traditional methods, they also can deposit and withdraw using the following mobile payment solutions.


Zimpler is an instant banking solution that processes payments directly from your bank account.


Boku is a mobile payment provider that allows you to deposit and charge the amount directly to your mobile device.


PayForIt is an e-wallet payment solution perfect for mobile transactions. Depositing tvia this method via the mobile platforms at 22Bet is identical to online transactions. Any fees applied as charged by PayForIt, not 22Bet.

Offline payments

Bank Wire

Using this option to fund your 22bet account will require you to enter the amount you wish to deposit and then transfer those funds via a bank wire payment. The processing time to bank wire payments can vary from 1 to 5 days, depending on your financial institution.

eCheck: eChecks work similarly to a bank wire, although they are generally processed instantly. In order to use this option, you will need to verify your banking information in advance of processing an eCheck deposit.

Western Union

Western Union is a viable solution to add funds to your account should you not have a credit card or online e-wallet account. Bear in mind, Western Union payments are more costly, and funds will only become available once 22Bet receive confirmation of their arrival.

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