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How to Play like a Professional: Tips & Strategies

Playing like a pro takes time, as one may expect, but some tips can be employed to reduce that time and give you an advantage. While tips and strategies are never a sure thing, they are often developed by experienced players who know they have the ability to help them win more.

Tips for playing 22Bet casino games

  • Choose your game carefully based on the number of paylines and the amount paid for winning combinations.
  • When playing table games like craps, be mindful of the odds and always bet on the greatest odds of return.
  • Always play within reason and never wager more than you can afford.
  • Take your time – never rush.
  • Only play one game at a time – concentration is just as important as having fun.

Strategies for playing 22Bet casino games

  • Consider increasing bet sizes in steps to increase the variance of win sizes when playing video slots at 22Bet Malaysia.
  • Avoid video slots with complicated features and low returns for players.
  • Educate yourself on the paytable of any slot you’re considering to ensure you understand the payout combinations and game features.
  • Test your desired game before wagering for real money as a tool to improve strategic betting opportunities.

Real Money vs Playing for Free

When registering at 22Bet, there are two options available – demo play and real money. The difference between demo play and real money is one is playing with “fun money” and the other” real money”. Playing for real money is simple enough but will require you to register an account and make a real money deposit using one of the available payment options. Thereafter, simply decide the type of game you want to play, click on it, and you are off to the races.

What is important to appreciate is that any winnings you experience are strictly for entertainment purposes and cannot be withdrawn if playing for free via the demo mode. However, if playing for real money, any winnings are cashable, and therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when registering with 22Bet.

For us at 22betmalaysia.com, we know the value that comes from playing in real money and the feeling that comes from winning big. Adding into the equation is when playing for real money, you unlock the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting promotion – all of which can result in extra winnings and an increased betting experience.


While most of today’s casino games offer a glossary of terms that relate to the casino games they offer, there are times when understanding other terms frequently used within the structure of a casino, its games and promotions. As such, we have included the top seven you most frequently will come across.

Welcome Bonus: This is a bonus that is given to new customers after they register and make their real money transaction.

Reload Bonus: Similar in nature to a welcome bonus, a reload bonus is one that is given when making a deposit as an existing member at a casino.

Sticky Bonus: A sticky bonus in one given by casinos that cannot be withdrawn. When playing with such as bonus, winnings are withdrawable; however, the bonus amount is not.

Wagering requirement: This is the number of times a deposit and bonus will need to be wagered before winnings are withdrawable.

Payout Table: A table that provides information about the amounts that can be won for certain symbol combinations.

Wager: The amount that signifies the cost per spin or hand if playing card games.

House Edge: The mathematical advantage the casino has over players in any casino game.

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